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make lighting our palo santo and sage candle part of your daily ritual, ideal for lighting when you’re looking to invite positive energy into your home, your life and your day 


*infused with essential oils  of clove bud, cypress, vetiver, cedarwood, sage, and patchouli


TOP: Orange, Chinotto
MIDDLE: Palo Santo, Clove, Cypress, Sage
BASE: Cedarwood, Black Wood


3.5 oz | 15-20 hour burn time

10 oz | 60-65 hour burn time

13 oz | 70-85 hour burn time


benefits of Palo Santo:


*purifies your space
*invites positive energy
*awakens our consciousness
*elevates our awareness
*attracts health, creativity and love


Palo Santo means “holy wood” and has been used for centuries by Indigenous Peoples in South America. It has had a resurgence in popularity for its natural healing and spiritual properties. our palo santo sticks are sustainably harvested in Peru and certified by SERFOR (Servicio Nacional Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre) 


on slower days when you have more time to dedicate to a longer traditional cleansing and purifying ritual, add to your routine by lighting one of our sustainably harvested palo santo sticks along side our candle


SUGGESTIONS for how to use it:


hold the stick at a 45 degree angle downwards, light the end with a candle flame or a match, keep it lit for about 10-20 seconds then gently shake back and forth until the flame is extinguished


to cleanse yourself and your energy:
*ideal to welcome the day
*before and during meditation
*before and while journaling


wave the stick gently from your feet or your lower body if you’re sitting down to the top encircling your head and upper body as well



start at the front door and work your way towards the right, waving the smoke in slow motions to spread the smoke, scent and energy from left to right going from wall to wall or room to room until you circle back to the front.


once done, set the palo stick down on a plate/dish or holder and it will continue dispersing the smoke/scent and it will eventually extinguish naturally


HUSHT. candles are nature-inspired, luxury hand-poured wooden wicked candles. Vegan and cruelty free, our candles are made with a natural coco apricot crème wax that is 100% biodegradable and is made from renewable resources. They do not contain petroleum, are made to burn cleanly without any toxins and encompass a range of complex and sophisticated scent notes.


At times soothing, sensual or grounding, they will help you create your very own fragrant sanctuary. Our candles are intentionally and aesthetically designed to fit into any space in your home, minimal in style and in ecological footprint, we source, create and make sustainably carefully considering every detail.


HUSHT. & HARLOW candles are slow made with the highest quality of premium ingredients, safe for your home, your well being and our environment. They are proudly made with love and care for the conscious human.


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