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Wax is the most important component of candles, so we’ve been diligent about researching, testing and crafting with the cleanest and most eco-responsible wax options out there, prioritizing our wax be kind to mother earth and free of harsh chemicals for a clean & toxin free burn. We recognize that our choice is made with our values and our customers in mind and respect other candle makers’ choice of wax as we appreciate it was an arduous process for us to research, test and research some more, and certainly not one dimensional. 


We knew from our preliminary research that soy wax was the most affordable and popular alternative to the toxic paraffin waxes most widely used in big box stores and began our testing with this wax. We quickly found out that it is impossible for suppliers to guarantee that any of the soy wax available is actually non-GMO soy wax. The harsh reality is that over 97% of soybean harvest has been genetically modified (GMO) or blended with GMO soybeans. 


After nearly 8 months of sourcing and testing we were able to find a blend of coconut/soy wax that fit what we were looking for, not only did it provide a reduced amount of soy wax in the blend, but the majority of the wax was made up of naturally derived coconut wax, the scent throw was great and it burned clean and free of toxins. Best of all, our customers loved it. 


As we’ve vowed to always stay informed, we continued researching and testing other natural wax options and about 6 months ago we began testing a completely soy-free natural wax option; a blend of natural coconut and apricot. This high-quality vegan wax comes from renewable resources and is gluten, toxin, paraben and phthalate free but it is not as popular in the candle industry because it is 2.5 times more expensive than soy wax.


We are excited for this new chapter in our journey and are thrilled to share that we have tested, tested and tested some more to ensure this is not only the best fit for our guiding principle of being kind to mother earth but also found a wax that has improved the candle burning experience for our customers. The benefit to our customers are candle products that are superior in quality, burn up to 80% cleaner than 100 % soy wax candles, hold a significantly stronger scent throw, and promote ethical consumption, something our customers care deeply about. We strongly believe in sourcing with a conscience and staying true to our values and equate investing in this wax with investing in our earth’s future.


We vow to keep our promise to continue our research into eco-responsible ingredients, materials and practices as this is at the centre of our commitment to creating with intentions.

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